15 minutes of fame…or complete film failure?

Everyone claims to have either had or pursue his or her “15 minutes of fame,” and to the surprise of no one “Krazy Kerry” is no exception.

Bentivolio in The President Goes To Heaven Movie

Bentivolio in “The President Goes To Heaven”

“Krazy Kerry” the Santa impersonator and then-Congressional candidate avoided the media for nearly three months last summer when his role in “The President goes to Heaven.” (View the trailer here). In the film, Krazy Kerry has a prominent role as a doctor tending to a fictional President “Dubya” Bush character… or as the Detroit News summarized:

“…The plot of the movie? That Bush plotted 9-11 (referred to as 1-11 in the film which is available on Amazon) as an excuse to invade Iraq (a war Paul acolytes detested) to finish what his father had started. But, goes the plot, the president cannot get into heaven until he admits his crime – and converts to Islam.

We’re not making this up.

“Twenty five thousand people (dead) is a small price to pay for a second Peal Harbor,” says the Bush character in explaining why he authorized the destruction of the twin towers. “I will apologize for 1-11 and the wars. I apologize for what I did. Only Dick knew the details.” (Dick being an obvious reference to Dick Cheney.)

No doubt concerned that Bentivolio would be bombarded by questions about “Heaven” should he ever surface, the candidate’s campaign has refused repeated interview requests from The Michigan View.com – and other media.” (Source: Detroit News, 8/12)

Patriotic or pathetic? Either way his 15 minutes of fame should have expired long before this reel in Congress that is making my insides reel.


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