PART TWO! The Teacher…Mr. Bentivolio likes Blondes, Liberal PACs

As we learned yesterday, The Teacher…Mr. Bentivolio likes Blondes, Liberal PACs

If you need a quick refresher here is the most telling excerpt:

“…How would you feel if your son or daughter came home and told you that the teacher was “grabbing their desks and yelling in their faces or for slamming his fists on their desks”? According to the Associated Press, in one reported instance, he told his students they were “just a paycheck” to him.

Or worse… asked your daughter if she dyes her hair and  “are you naturally blonde?”

How is that acceptable? Anywhere?!?!?

Not to worry, his union membership should save him!! Michigan campaign finance records indicate that Bentivolio donated to the MEA’s PAC and during his failed 2010 State Senate bid, he said he would “work diligently” with the MEA on education issues.

Strange though… Kerry’s political contributions start and stop there with one of the largest liberal PACs in Michigan… the PAC that has supported Democrats like Jennifer Granholm, and fought to enshrine bargaining right for unions into the Michigan constitution… The same PAC that is backing Democrats like Gary Peters, Mark Schauer, Gretchen Whitmer, and fighting to repeal Michigan’s Right-To-Work law…”

To the surprise of no one who condemns such rotten and inappropriate behavior toward young teenage girls, the girls have spoke up!

As the Oakland Press reported, one student who found him intimidating and got “creepy vibes” from him stated: “I had him for a history class my sophomore year I believe, and he used to ask me and another female student to come over to his house and play with his reindeer all the time and said he would pay us to feed them and dress up as elves with them at Christmas time.”

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WHAAAAATTT?!??! No one wants to play with your reindeer, Krazy Kerry…. If that’s what you insist on calling it. You’re not Tim Allen and this is not the movie The Santa Clause.


Think this is a “hit” on Krazy Kerry…. Think again.

Again the Oakland Press also provided the story of Camy, from Independence Township, who “confirmed the anonymous student’s response.” And added: “These accusations aren’t all that hard for me to believe.”

Think that is where it ends for Krazy Kerry as a teacher? Nope.

Another graduate Anthony from Rochester Hills added: “…He had a bad reputation and would be angry in the halls. … Troubled war vet?”

While his then- campaign manager Bob Dindoffer offered up, “He was joking, it was taken out of context”…And that “…This is clearly an attack by the MEA (Michigan Education Association).”

But that is strange because the one and only contribution on record was the money that Kerry gave to the MEA’s super-liberal PAC. See: The Teacher…Mr. Bentivolio likes Blondes, Liberal PACs

Think the bad news of inappropriate behavior is over? Yeah. Think again!

After leaving Notre Dame Prep academy he ventured west to the Fowlerville school district. He supposedly taught English…. But we know he has trouble pronouncing American Samoa… or is it Somalia? While at Fowlerville High School, records indicate he had been reprimanded for making students “feel threatened and unsure of what he would do,” in the words of an assistant principal.

And 13 months ago faced with an “aggressive teacher-improvement plan, Bentivolio reached a settlement with the district and resigned.”

While this aggressive, unstable, and harassing teacher might be out of our classrooms, he is now in charge of tax dollars in Washington… and worse the only voice representing the constituents of Michigan’s 11th Congressional District.


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