Detroit and Kerry: Two peas in a pod

ImageYesterday afternoon, Detroit announced it would file for bankruptcy.   But not to worry! Santa Claus a.k.a. Congressman Claus a.k.a. Krazy Kerry can help with that since he declared bankruptcy and has had several failed businesses. Or as reported in USA Today: “…

“As a Milford-based builder in the 1990s, Bentivolio ran into problems…(and) he was left owing $620,000 to a bank and more than 30 vendors. There are nine district court and seven circuit court cases involving Bentivolio in Oakland and Livingston counties, most for bills Bentivolio didn’t pay for his home-building business. After judgments were ordered in many of the cases against Bentivolio, he filed for bankruptcy in 1992…”

So maybe it can be better after you hit rock bottom and everyone abandons you???


Or maybe not, not only has personal debt, he only raised $65,000 and also has $112,000 in campaign debt.  Funny, he can pretend he is a fiscal conservative when he runs up the debt.

Detroit shouldn’t fret. Their Santa Claus Congressman from the suburbs is an expert when it comes to bankruptcy.


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