Part ONE: Today’s weather calls for flip-flops!

The weather around Michigan’s 11th Congressional district has been perfect this weekend! Too bad, we haven’t seen or heard from the Congressman that represents it…perhaps he is out selling the reindeer to raise money for his campaign accounts that are still in the red.


Today’s weather is so great a weatherman this morning said “break out the flip-flops.” Well, lucky for Krazy (broke) Kerry’s constituents he provides enough flipping and flopping on the issues he ran on that there will be no shortage of flip-flops in MI-11. Then-Candidate Kerry Bentivolio:

What made you decide to run?

I wanted to push the incumbent on issues related to government accountability, forced union contracting, and public debt. Now I have the opportunity to hammer those issues home.”

And boy did he ever! On January 23, 2013 – less than a month in office!, Krazy Kerry supported his first (more to come later) debt ceiling increase, by supporting H.R. 325: “To ensure the complete and timely payment of the obligations of the United States Government until May 19, 2013, and for other purposes.”

HUH?!? Ok. Here is a break down: The bill suspended the debt ceiling through May 18, 2013, which meant the government would operate as though there is no debt ceiling!!! Meaning, Krazy Kerry’s support of this measure meant that by May 19th 2013 the debt ceiling would be increased by approximately $400 billion without any cuts or reforms to reduce future spending.

Second, the bill includes the unconstitutional “No Budget, No pay” provision, which is misleading because it does not require Congress to pass a budget for Members of Congress to be paid, it requires each chamber pass one.

Say what?!? So the politician Krazy Kerry pulled a fast one on the voters and raised the debt ceiling while falsely claiming he was risking his own pay??!?!




And if you think it was because the House GOP “needed” the vote…think again. The measure passed 285-144.

Thanks, Santa…


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