Will Krazy Kerry Denounce His Pro-choice Character?

Well here is the movie for your viewing pleasure: Congressman Claus in “The President goes to Heaven”

The title alone is questionable. The plot is disgraceful. And a starring role in this feature is appalling.

Krazy Kerry as a Pro-Choice doctor

Krazy Kerry as a Pro-Choice doctor

Highlights you say? Well…

At 17:42 – Krazy Kerry is pushed by a crowd of folks who are concerned about long-term care in his hospital. The script (that any normal Republican would have had a problem with) goes on to discuss details on rape, and abortion. He further confirms that a beauty queen in a coma was the victim of a rape at his hospital and the bastard child that was produced is a problem and somewhat retarded.


Of course, he is just confirming what others are saying… what does Krazy Kerry actually say in the film? When asked about the bastard child and explaining he pushed to have the child aborted, he claims: “Listen these are all problems we made them aware of before they decided to have the baby. Now they have to accept the consequences of their decisions…. she was as pretty as an angel, though men will be men. If you find a beauty queen lying there, offering no resistance, how long can a man resist?


Yes, that’s right. Krazy Kerry… I mean, Mr. Bentivolio who likes Blondes says in the film that men can not resist a beauty queen who is “just lying there” and “offering no resistance.”


Kerry with reindeer

From the same man, who verbally harassed female students (READ MORE HERE)… really? Does he really have the mental stability and strength to make the right decisions for himself, let alone the voters of MI-11?


And his defense? Bentivolio told the Detroit News that he had done the film for research purposes.

“All I wanted to do was feel more comfortable in front of a camera and research film subsidies,” he said.


There are other ways to make yourself comfortable in front of the camera and a lot of ways to research film susbsidies… Perhaps, Krazy Kerry  should denounce the previous role immediately or accept the assumption that he still supports abortions and rape of beauty queens.


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