Carlos Danger meet Krazy Kerry

Anthony Weiner’s mayoral candidacy is on the ropes for the sex chats he carried out under a pseudonym.

Well, Anthony Weiner isn’t the only Congressman accused of shooting innuendo at young women.  One wonders how Weiner would handle the allegations that were charged at Krazy Kerry. 










You might know Krazy Kerry better as Mr. Bentivolio, the teacher who likes blondes.  Remember… The man who in August 2012, female students told the Oakland Press about the “creepy vibes” Krazy Kerry sent their way. 

One student discussed Mr. Bentivolio’s request for her and another female student to “come over to his house and play with his reindeer.” 

Then there was the other female teenage student who Krazy Kerry embarrassed by asking in front of others, “do you die your hair? Are you a natural blonde?” Survey says, Krazy Kerry still beats out Carlos Danger as the weirdest… and no one has volunteered to play with Krazy Kerry’s reindeer.  


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