Part TWO! Failing the FreedomWorks Scorecard with stylish flip-flops!

When it comes to voting for less government, more freedom and more liberty, Krazy Kerry has failed the test. 
Kerry’s votes to raise the debt ceiling, increase spending, support the NDAA, and support all the pork in the farm bill adds up to a massive flip-flop.

The conservative FreedomWorks report cards are out and Krazy Kerry has a lousy 50%.  To put that in perspective, Krazy Kerry has the exact same score as liberal Gary Peters. Meanwhile, Justin Amash scores a perfect 100%.  Did you ever think it was possible for Gary Peters and Kerry Bentivolio to get the same grade on a test of conservative principles?  Well here are the results.





Krazy Kerry talked one way to get to Congress, but changed his tune once he got to Washington. 

So much that Kerry Bentivolio and Gary Peters are viewed the same way by conservative groups like FreedomWorks. 

Failing Freedomworks and failing voters, Krazy Kerry flips and flops his way to failing conservatives. 




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