Fun with graphs and numbers!!!

So remember how Krazy Kerry and Gary Peters have the same score on the FreedomWorks scorecard?
Well maybe that took things out of context? or maybe it was unfair? well lets take a look at his eight months in Congress, during which Kerry Bentivolio has missed one vote. Yes, that is right, the reindeer-loving, student-creeping, bankrupt Congressman from Michigan’s 11th Congressional district has missed one vote.  Bravo, sir! Bravo!
Voting Record
Wasn’t this the guy that received Justin Amash’s support (see: Freshman Justin Amash Backs Kerry Bentivolio) because the two seemed to share the same passion for liberty? and sharing their vote explanations on FaceBook?
Well to be fair, the latter only applies to Amash, because Krazy Kerry NEVER explained his vote to support the bloated farm bill budget that was 80% food stamps (and failed mind you thanks to real conservatives), but also his second vote to support the farm bill, of which true liberty voices opposed (like Amash). In fact, didn’t Justin participate in a robocall on Primary day claiming Kerry was:
“a true constitutional conservative…Kerry Bentivolio will stand up for you even if it means taking on the big government in both parties… (Kerry) is committed to upholding the constitution, defending liberty, and balancing the budget.”
But the same guy who VOTED TO RAISE THE DEBT CEILING,has been personally and professionally BANKRUPT, and hasn’t denounced his role as a Pro-Choice Doctor?!?
With a personal history and voting record to boot, its hard to come to the conclusion that Krazy Kerry is the Liberty representative that he ran on?
HMMMMMM… Lets check his record vs the rest of Congress.


And what about his good friend Justin Amash… how often does Kerry side with him?
Bentivolio Amash
Well, maybe we are misunderstood… lets check the rankings one more time….
votes with party
Not exactly what we were thinking for the runner-up of the House losers in fundraising.
sell reindeer

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