PART TWO: Bentivolio & Boehner two peas in the establishment pod!



Remember when Congressman Kerry Bentivolio voted for Speaker Boehner? Yeah. We still can’t believe it either. Considering he told us he wouldn’t!

Well that isn’t the case for his colleague Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM). In fact, in a recent article (click here),  it was reported: 

Pearce is also constantly reminding audiences that he was among 12 Republicans who did not vote in January to reelect John Boehner as House speaker. “Probably the most popular vote I’ve made, in this district,” he says. When he tells audiences he cast that vote, Pearce says he gets, “Always applause, sometimes standing applause.”


Too bad that isn’t the case for MI-11’s own. Not only did he vote for SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER! But in fact, Kerry has gone so far to host a fundraiser for Boehner in MI-11!!!

Hmmm. I wonder what @RepKerryB’s most popular vote is:

The farm bill part 1? NOPE! He supported food stamps and a bunch of other RINO stuff.

The farm bill part 2? WRONG AGAIN. According to FreedomWorks, “This version of the Farm Bill contains only the actual agricultural side of the earlier bill, leaving food stamps to be considered as their own bill. Unfortunately, this bill did not contain any significant reforms to the previous House bill, still containing billions in subsidies to farm corporations and dozens of special hand-outs to favored industries. The bill also creates a brand new, unnecessary, entitlement program, the “shallow-loss” crop insurance program.”

WOW. Kerry is striking out more than Alex Avila… 

And don’t forget that Mr. I won’t vote to raise the debt ceiling has done it not once, but twice! Check it out HERE.

So, back to the point. Krazy Kerry, Mr. I’m going to Washington to protect your rights not take them away, has instead bent to Boehner’s every command. 

So much so that he brings him to our community and has a fundraiser with him!

That’s right the only public event with notice was one where you have to pay $500 just to get into the door to stand next to two establishment RepubliCANTS.

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