So NOW we know why Krazy Kerry has been hiding from Constituents!!!

Kerry Bentivolio promised to be accessible, but he has spent the last year avoiding our questions.

So why does Kerry hide from us?

The answer is clear: Kerry wants to hide what he’s REALLY THINKING…or at least his staff does.

Just check out what happened on Monday… For 32-minutes, Kerry gave the audience his unscripted answers.   And his handlers kept trying to drag him away because they recognized how scary Krazy Kerry’s answers were.

Highlights include:

  • Kerry met with attorneys to strategize about how to impeach the President.
  • Kerry wants to launch a Congressional investigation into the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory and have the questioner write the question.
  • Kerry votes for bills before he knows what is in the legislation and blames it on not checking his emails.


No wonder Kerry won’t host a town hall meeting.  He is afraid he will have to reveal more of his private thoughts.  We shouldn’t have to rely on YouTube videos to learn what Kerry thinks.

It is time for Kerry to come out of hiding.

  • Open-door town hall meetings.
  • Open-door “office hours.” Don’t hide behind your staff.
  • Open-door community meetings.

You might ask yourself now…


Well as of right now, today, this very second we have no idea…well maybe the NSA does… back to the point. Where is he or rather, where has he been during summer recess?

Earlier in the year, Bentivolio went to Taiwan (read: junket).  Well only days into the summer recess Congressman Bentivolio left for a fact-finding tour of Israel (read: junket part 2). Now what is Congressman Bentivolio doing on this trip is anyone’s guess.


It is time that Congressman Bentivolio listens to us rather than go on international vacations.


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