Krazy Kerry Draws a Primary!!!

So Krazy Kerry goes quiet for a few days (or more likely out of town, statistically speaking) and what happens? He gets a challenger from within his own party! Now, we all knew that this was bound to happen sooner or later, Krazy Kerry included. That’s why he’s hosting a fundraiser for his campaign next Saturday! Money is the mother’s milk of politics after all!

Even though Krazy Kerry doesn’t seem to have time to hold a town hall for the public, you could certainly pay to visit with the Congressman at this football themed event. Maybe ask him if you can pet his reindeer! In fact, this is such a great deal that 9, that’s right: 9! whole people have RSVPed to this money grab. How do we know? Why, Krazy Kerry put up a scoredboard for the whole world to see!


It sure looks like people are starting to come to the conclusion that maybe Krazy Kerry is better off in a padded suit rather than being an empty one in Congress.


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