Detroit media blasting Bentivolio on his own Krazy antics!!

It all started simple enough… The Macomb Daily (CLICK HERE TO READ) brought to our attention another one of Kerry’s Krazy ideas…or rather one that he encourages from a constituent… CHEM TRAILS!

“Kerry Bentivolio, the accidental congressman, recently told a town hall-style Republican gathering in Birmingham that he will call for an investigation, with Air Force participation, on the subject of “chemtrails.”
The term chemtrails refers to one of the most thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories that have ever been raised in the political arena. The claim is that the jet exhaust we all see in the atmosphere – long white trails of smoke – contains hazardous chemicals or, some believe, mind-altering biological agents. At least four federal agencies, plus the Air Force, have debunked this claim that the contrails in the sky are more than harmless exhaust. Since this claim first arose in 1996, numerous universities and scientists across the globe have also proven it to be hoax.”

um ok. Chem trails are weird enough…but a Congressional hearing?

Honestly, right here it wouldn’t be surprising if the Detroit Free Press blasted Kerry for his antics… In fact they’ve done it before (CLICK HERE)…Even the Macomb Daily…OK… BUT NOW the tide has turned even with the conservative voices in the Detroit media partnership, Henry Payne brought the PAIN onto Kerry this week!

” (Bentivolio) told constituents that he would call a Congressional hearing to investigate the conspiracy theory that the government is secretly spewing toxic “chem-trails” from military planes to change the weather or control the population or something.

“We’ll bring in some Air Force folks right here in our district. We can have an oversight reform committee hearing right here and we’ll investigate,” said Bentivolio in response to an audience question. “I’d like to find out about it too.”…”


Not enough? give it up for the House of PAYNE!

“But Bentivolio’s congressional term has been unremarkable after he was the only candidate left on the ballot when shoo–in incumbent Thaddeus McCotter imploded in 2012.

Unremarkable, save for his signature loose cannon antics. His Birmingham town hall was a mess.

The forum made national headlines in The New York Times and Politico as he seemed to encourage President Barack Obama’s impeachment. “If I could write that bill and submit it,” said Bentivolio in response to an audience question. “It would be a dream come true.””


So goes the ballad of Bentivolio…sad and likely ending in a messy exit because someone’s reindeer was pet inappropriately. Ho ho oh??



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