Send Us Your Tips!

We here at The Real Kerry B are proud to announce that we have a brand new feature to help engage with our readers (something that Krazy Kerry wouldn’t be caught dead doing with his constituents): A Tip Line!

Are you a student or someone in the community who has information about the allegations regarding Mr. Bentivolio, the supposedly “creepy” Fowlerville/Notre Dame prep teacher? Email the tip line at:

Are you one of the vendors that Krazy Kerry stiffed in his $620,000 bankruptcies? Email the tip line at:

Did you sell Krazy Kerry a bulk order of Elmer’s Glue? Email the tip line at:

Have you actually seen Kerry in the District (the least likely scenario of all these)? Email the tip line at:

If you have any news or notes about Krazy Kerry, let us know! We actually care what his constituents have to say!


One thought on “Send Us Your Tips!

  1. Kerry and his deputy district attorney need to be seen for who they really are. They are alcoholics who drink together on a regular basis and have more of a personal relationship going on than meets the eye. His deputy district attorney has already received a drunk and disorderly charge where she has demeaned and sworn at officers, just to be on probation and have it dropped and off her record, when the general public wouldn’t have been able to get off so easily. Not to mention complaints of her incursion assaults to her previous boyfriend Matt, that he never filed but has spoken about to close friends. Now she is the only reason Kerry is still campaigning and sources have mentioned her contacting someone on his behalf to get him thc. Are they conservatives, or just hypocrites. Passing on judgement is not the point in this article, but more of a question as to why others are getting prosecuted for drinking and driving and smoking weed, when our leaders who are here to help us are getting away with it.

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