On the Backs of our Children and Grandchildren

Oh Kerry… He just cannot seem to help himself, can he?

In a video he posted just this morning, Kerry was discussing how America has a debt problem, and needs bold leadership to avoid defaulting on its debt obligations.

As you can hear, Kerry thinks that America shouldn’t be raising the debt ceiling again, it is a sign of failure by those in Washington. In fact, in this Reason Magazine interview from December of last year, you can see that Kerry states unequivocally that he will not raise the Debt Ceiling.

However, Kerry went back on his word and voted for H.R. 325 this year, the bill to raise the debt ceiling. How are we supposed to trust a man to represent the 11th District when he specfically says “I’m not going to vote to raise the debt because my constituents don’t want me to raise the debt.” If he can’t stand by his promises, what good is Krazy Kerry as a Congressman?


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