Out of touch and out of date!

Well folks, we decided to do what no one else seems to do: Check out Krazy Kerry’s campaign website. How do we know that no one goes there, you may ask? Why, that would be because not even someone from Kerry’s staff goes on there!

If you were to visit the website (we won’t provide the link for your own safety), you would find that the last campaign update was posted on August 6th, announcing to the world that the reelection website had been launched! But reading the fine print of this announcement sheds some light on the situation: “This website will document Rep. Bentivolio’s efforts and achievements in Congress on an ongoing basis.” With neither efforts nor achievements in Congress to report, it stands to reason they aren’t going to update anything.

Heading over to the endorsements page, we can see some more examples of how out of date this website is. If you really are interested, head over there and take a look! See any glaring oversights?

Did you say “Why, it appears that many people who have endorsed Dave Trott in the Republican primary are still on this list.”? Then congratulations! You officially pay more attention to politics than Krazy Kerry! Mike Bishop, Ronna Romney, David Potts, and more are all listed as endorsers, yet they’ve publicly stated they support his opponent.

That’s the attention to detail we’ve come to expect from Krazy Kerry!


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