Krazy Kerry for Regent!

In what must be considered a stunning turn of events, Kerry is running for University of Michigan Regent, or Michigan State University Trustee, or maybe even State Supreme Court Justice! Now, he hasn’t officially announced this run yet, but he is strongly hinting at this convention run by announcing the endorsements of 5 of the Michigan Republican Party Vice Chairs, as well as State Committeeman Dave Agema. Because really, what other reason is there to announce that six people who don’t live in your district are endorsing your candidacy?

Surely it couldn’t be that Kerry couldn’t find anyone whom he actually represents in Congress to endorse him, so he had to find people from outside the 11th to…. Actually, that sounds about right now that we can see it written out…

Rather than find someone who actually has some tie to the district, a State Representative, a county commissioner, Kerry had to go around the State and find five people who no one other than a convention delegate from 2012 would have any knowledge of. Its once again great to see Kerry working hard to keep his job while the government remains shut down!


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