Biting the Hand that Feeds Him

Kerry is getting right back on that fundraising horse (well, reindeer) by sending out an email to his “team” this morning asking that they join his force of freedom fighters and wage a holy war against the K Street Republicans that are supporting several GOP challengers.


The problem here is that it would seem Kerry is forsaking the very special interests that fund nearly half of his campaign. 45% of the money that Bentivolio for Congress has raised has come from PACs and other special interest groups, including those supposedly hated lobbyists! For a Representative who claims to be fueled by grassroots conservatives and small donors, its pretty telling that Krazy Kerry only mustered 27 people to give to his campaign this quarter. All the rest of his money came in from those hated lobbyists. If Kerry is able to get those 50 people to donate to his campaign (we’ll take the under on that bet), he will more than double the number of donors he’s been able to get.

As Kerry’s burn rate is about 90% and he has less than the price of a mid-size sedan in his cofers, its a good thing that We The People are paying for Krazy Kerry’s campaign staff out of the taxpayer’s money. Communications Director Matt Chisholm is busy writing campaign press releases. Deputy District Director Sarah Ledford has taken to fundraising for Kerry, and “adviser to the campaign” Rob Wasinger is better known as Kerry’s Chief of Staff.

Krazy Kerry is making a bold play, claiming he is being run out for being too conservative (it has nothing to do with his broken campaign promises and conspiracy theories, obvously). We can’t wait to see how it works out!


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