“Mobile” Constituent Services

We received and interesting tip today regarding Krazy Kerry’s roving trailer of constituent outreach. As it turns out, this boondoggle of a taxpayer paid vanity project will cease traveling the 11th District for the rest of the year. Image


Apparently no one on Krazy Kerry’s staff can drive in the snow (couldn’t they put the trailer on the back of the sleigh?), as the “Mobile Constituent Services Center” will not be functioning in the winter. This news begs the question: Was there any purpose for Krazy Kerry to purchase this trailer at taxpayer expense other than to attempt to promote himself? Perhaps Kerry assumed that the trailer with his name on it would suffice as a stand-in while he avoided coming back and talking to his constituents at all costs. In Krazy Kerry’s world, nothing is more important than getting reelected, no matter how many taxpayers’ dollars he has to spend.


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