Campaigning on the Taxpayer’s dime

We here at The Real Kerry B have gotten quite a few folks emailing us talking about how Krazy Kerry’s official staff, paid for at the taxpayers’ expense, are doubling as his campaign workers. Rather than helping the people and serving their constituents in Washington, the Krazy Kerry staffers are spending their work days doing anything they can to keep their boss in office.

For instance, in this Detroit Free Press article from October 16th of this year, Krazy Kerry’s Chief of Staff (Rob Wasinger) was quoted commenting on the campaign and listed as a “campaign adviser.”

Perhaps Kerry’s Chief of Staff (whom you would assume paid at least a little attention to the ethics training) is doing this in his spare time to help out his boss. But what about campaigning when you are very clearly in the middle of your government job?

Kerry’s Communications Director, Matthew Chisholm, is apparently also the campaign press secretary.



11:43am on a Monday morning, and somehow Matthew was able to contact a news outlet back in the neglected 11th District on behalf of Krazy Kerry’s campaign. We sure hope that Matthew wasn’t posting from his computer in the Cannon House Office Building. That would be a very clear violation of the House of Representatives’ ethics policy.

And finally, let’s not forget about Kerry’s beleaguered district staffers! Sarah Ledford, Deputy District Director, is also moonlighting as Kerry’s fundraising assistant.


If you wanted to attend Krazy Kerry’s fundraiser (and judging by the FEC reports, no one did), then you needed to contact Sarah Ledford to RSVP for “this exciting event!”

There’s a very clear pattern on Krazy Kerry’s staff that they obviously get from their boss: they will do anything it takes to stay in office. In this case, that means that they’ll spend time from their government job on Kerry’s official staff to campaign for his reelection.


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