Krazy Kerry: Call Your District

For those of you thinking you haven’t seen Krazy Kerry in the district, you aren’t imagining things.  You aren’t seeing Krazy Kerry in the district.  Krazy Kerry doesn’t show up anywhere.  GOP events, tea party events, you name it, Kerry won’t show up.


He has no public calendar.  When he speaks (like the rare event he spoke to in August), it becomes national news. 


It’s the continuation of campaign 2012.   Operation Hide Kerry Bentivolio.  Bentivolio has not done a town hall and won’t show up at the simplest events.  And it’s simple. Bentivolio cannot defend his record.  In January, Bentivolio voted to raise the debt ceiling.  In May, Bentivolio voted for additional spending in the farm bill.  Bentivolio cannot defend his shutdown votes.  Bentivolio cannot defend himself.  So they are hiding him.  Not becoming of a Congressman.  Get the milk carton ad up,  we have a missing Congressman.


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