Silent Santa

Has Dave Agema been naughty or nice? Let’s ask our good Congressman, the Silent Santa, Krazy Kerry.


One of Kerry’s first and largest supporters has been REALLY naughty if you ask Justin Amash and the rest of MIGOP (Free Press article link)

What IS interesting is that Santa hasn’t disavowed Agema, or even called for him to apologize for the statements he made. Now, we know your first question: Which statements are we referring to? Well the answer is quite simple: All of them! All the reasons that Agema should be put on the naughty list permanently would take far too long to recount, so we picked some of our favorites below!

According to Agema, Gays wants free healthcare because they are dying of aid:

And according to Agema, a sattirical website’s story about Obama’s illegitimate son could be TRUE!?!?!?
So why then, you have to wonder, has Santa stuck with the racist from Western Michigan? Simple! Because Dave Agema was one of the first to endorse Kerry publicly and still stands behind him to this day.
Or could it be the mastermind behind Krazy Kerry’s operation, one David Wolkinson:

Only time will tell if Agema gets coal in his stocking this year from the Silent Santa, but its pretty clear what the rest of the GOP thinks about it!


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